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Finding the right set

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Cobi construction blocks are extremely popular among people aged 5 to 105 years old. It makes everyone happy to build and assemble various constructions for hours, inspiring imagination and fantasy. In our offer there are blocks Small Army for army enthusiasts - the largest and most extensive collection of military sets in the world. Action Town series is a big city and surroundings with police, rescuers and construction sites. If you want to feel the thrill of emotion and experience adventure, the Pirates sets are for you. For the amateurs of World War there are also blocks from which you can build many interesting militaries - Historical Collection WW1 and WW2, World of Tanks and World of Warships.

COBI World War II Historical Collection

Construction blocks not only for children!

This is the largest series of models prepared by the COBI company. The collection contains several dozen different: tanks, planes, cannons, cars and other vehicles developed with attention to the smallest details and faithfully reproducing the machines used in the greatest military conflict in human history.

The robustness of the construction, high quality of the blocks and numerous movable elements, as well as the precision of manufacture and historical fidelity of this collection have won recognition not only among children, but also among a huge number of adult collectors and history enthusiasts. Special cards with statistics of tanks and vehicles allow to use the COBI models also in strategic battle games, leading miniature battles on the table, floor or in the garden.

COBI Great War Historical Collection

A new face of the front!

The next COBI collection presents the first tanks and planes that appeared on European fronts in the early 20th century. Armoured vehicle pioneers: The Mark I tank and Renault FT-17 or the first airliners with the famous Red Baron piloted by Manfred von Richthoven open this historic series from the COBI. The COBI's First World War is an exciting expedition to the beginnings of modern military techniques.


A city full of action!

Action Town is a collection of blocks inspired by the modern metropolis with particular emphasis on the services working in it, such as: fire brigade, police, construction teams, coastal protection or city cleaning. Each set includes models with a large number of movable elements and accessories. The collection consists of sets from 40 to several hundred bricks. The diversity of the collection will certainly be of interest to both boys and girls.


Create your own collection of vintage cars.

Unforgettable Trabants, Wartburg, Lady, Sirens, Warsaw, Polonaises or large and small FIATs are real pearls of Eastern European motorization of the 60s, 70s and 80s. The Youngtimer Collection series is a great toy for the youngest thanks to its construction of building blocks and rotating wheels with rubber tyres. The faithfully preserved scale of 1:35 and the detail of the details also delight adult enthusiasts and collectors.


Collect a collection of luxury sports cars.

The famous Italian brand of luxury sports cars, detailed with COBI construction blocks. Models of cars on a scale of 1:35 will be a great joy for both the youngest and adult automotive enthusiasts. The sets are designed for fun, as well as an exclusive exhibition. Miniature cars have high quality, durable prints.


Build a modern armed force.

The unique Armed Forces collection includes detailed models of tanks, planes, helicopters and other vehicles used by modern armed forces around the world. Licensed French Mirage 2000-5 or Rafale-C fighters, AH-64 Apache, CH-47 Chinook helicopters, and finally the F-15 Eagle 1:48 scale American heavy fighter are just some of the elements of this amazing series.


Perfect gift for all young fans of aviation and the Super Wings series.

Super Wings is an American-Sino-South Korean animated series that has been entertaining children around the world since 2014.

Super Wings is a squad of planes that also transform into robots. They live in a large airport, on an island in the Pacific, from where they deliver packages and shipments for children all over the world. The main character is a red plane named Jett, which solves all kinds of problems and lifts all those in need. He is bravely supported by a whole group of his faithful friends.

COBI offers hundreds of different sets to choose from. This can make the process a bit overwhelming, but it also allows everyone to choose something they love. If you are doing the project on your own, there is a good chance once you complete one building block set you’ll be hooked. Thanks to the affordable prices, this is one hobby that will not cost an arm and a leg to enjoy for years to come.

Are You Ready for Your First COBI Set?

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